Sunday, August 3, 2014

Raya shopping

Shopping raya is one of the most important part of raya, right people?
At least for me, it is... :p haha... I love shopping! I wont shop too much during a normal day, but for raya, definitely YES!!!

Went shopping quite last minute this year, i just started to work, remember? So, ala2 macam busy woman SANGAT laaa...
So i spent one day to shop with my beloved family & one whole day to shop with Izzat!

Usually i will buy jeans, blouses, cosmetics, handbags, shoes etc...
Baju kurung and all that my family and i will settle that part first thing first normally before the fasting month, so that when we have a theme and all that it easier to shop for bags & shoes! :p
Plus, mana ada tailor nak jahit bila raya dah dekat! susah2 pening2...

As for next year, i dont know bout my shopping routine yet, haha! 

Anyway, shopping dah... raya lets! 

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