Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Iftar Story : Iftar @ Delicious (4th visit)

Salam... again here! Im free today! ;) so, i'm gonna update! 

Continue on my iftar during the Ramadhan...tak puas hati tuuu kalau tak dapat update, 'cause one day i'll refer back to this blog when i need to memorize certain things haha! :pp
Contoh "eh awak belanja saya makan apa eh haritu?" cari punya cari rupanya belum belanja hahaha! 
Tu contoh~~~

So, i went for iftar after work! There is promition kinda thing for ramadhan! So the price is slightly lower than normal days/without promotion days!

Because once upon a time we hated Delicious so much, lately Delicious is always in our list, dont know why =.=
Padan muka kitaorang...

Beef Meatball Spaghettini
RM 23.90

I don't like this one so much, i can't even remember why i ordered this one... Other pasta were quite delish last time!

Chicken Kapitan
RM 25.90

This one was quite yumms! Love it! The chicken especially! Worth it!

Bottomless mango juice for fasting month! 

Pineapple & strawberry cheesecake
RM 12.90

Last time it was strawberry cheesecake. i think that one was nicer! Strawberry + pineapple the taste was too strong for me... But it still nice tho...

The muka ketat 

And The Muka Comot penat katanya... Demn... 

Till then! 

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