Sunday, July 13, 2014

The raya preparations

Salam ramadhan all. Hey... How're u doin'?
Now we're already in the middle of ramadhan fasting month, time flied fast!
Everything has been good, alhamdulillah...i'm so thankful for these happiness!

So speaking about ramadhan, we can't run away from thinking about syawal, our so-called hari-raya-hari-untuk-kita-bersuka-ria, yeah right... Yes this year's raya should be very beautiful as well... Wait and see

So, have u gotten your baju raya sorted? 
My family and I did... We got all our kurungs & baju melayu part settled! 
Our family always wearing sedondon for 1st day of raya... 
And my mum and I always have lots of extra baju kurung for raya every year,nothing changed for this year...
So basically i have loads of kurungs! 
Nevermind, I have a lot of wedding events to attend and i can wear it to work too!

Been lovin' these kind of color palletes lately~ 

So, I haven't really went for shopping trips to the mall, yet...
yeah i went shopping once last few weeks with my significant other (as long as i remember :p) but didn't really got anything important (yet), like kasut raya or makeup raya and the most importanly, handbag raya... i'm very looking forward for the next shopping trips since Izzat and I have planned to go shopping for clothes and maybe shoes, together, like every year...
And i kinda heard my mom wanna go shopping for new sets of bedding thingy and all
(in fact we kinda just bought all those stuffs, nevermind... Well u know, mums!)
And i think gonna shop for handbag with papa! and mama of course...
He'll pay! ;) ahaks!

However i've been shopped a lot lately, online!
And i keep on thinking to buy more shawls even when i don't need them, i'm addicted! nevermind...
I just hope the parcels arrive without my parents noticing, 'cause they'll go, like, "beli apa lagi niiiiiii...?!" 

Looking forward for shopping...!

p/s : Don't forget to pray for our family & friends in Palestine who's struggling hard for their lives right now... Just, remember them in your prayers

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