Sunday, May 25, 2014

ABPBH 2013/2014 Red Carpet

Well well... (kecoh je lebih i ni...)
 Ok who watched ABPBH last night? I kinda watched the red carpet more than the event itself! 
Well, i blog again today coz i'm bored, and anddd i cant even manage to think straight about the exam anymore! (Fyi, my exam is just 'round the corner!) My head running so wild about other stuffs, rather than the exams, help me peliseee ...

Nevermind... ABPBH, i dont really mind who won or lose... But aww the dresses! Love to watch their dresses!
This year there are much more pretty pretty dresses

So my favourites are...

7. Felixia Yap

Too simple! but i love it! Monacco blue with nude shade! tick!
And her chanel clutch... of course~ 

6. Emma Maembong

Well, i love yellow, as always... And the bodycon dress she's wearing is chic & stylish & young!

 5. Hanis Zalikha

Ohooo this is sooo Zara in Jodoh season 2, who watched it? it is one of my favourite show!
This red dress is superbly gorgeous... It reminds me of Penelope Cruz dress during the Oscar 2010!
Chili's red is quite a hot color doesnt it?

4. Izara Aishah 

Yeah she is beautiful in anything... however i love her choice of color & also the design of the dress! She looks like a Greek princess with that off-shoulder flowy dress! It Rizman Ruzaini's anyway...

 3. Neelofa

Love her! Love the dress! Love the color! Nude all the way!
She's looking so graceful, and beautiful of course... 
She also won an award last night! yeah, i'm her fan ;)

2. Tasha Mansahar

 Love the black dress with the gold detailing! 
Wow, she's one hijabista fashionista! Classic style but really elegant!
Well, her dress reminded me of Blair's prom dress! 

1. Siti Saleha

Of course, she won two awards, and i'm not her fan, anyway...
But her dress is stunning!!! 
Nude + purple! (Nude is kinda in right now is it?!) Perfect combo!
Loveee the flowy dress & the lace detailing on the top of the dress! 
Love love loveeee the dress!!!
But the clutch, what's up with the clutch?!

However, i thought that the ABPBH this year is kinda bored...
Well, maybe because of the absence of my favourite celebs, like, Lisa, Liyana Jasmay, Fazura, Fasha, Elfira... Well at least i don't see them on tv yesterday!

Oh well, i'm really into who-wear-what-dress thingy right now... Pardon me...


cEro said...

Haniz Zalikha nampak sgt menarik...

Diana Cloudlet said...

Found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! You have amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

would you like to follow each other?
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