Thursday, January 9, 2014

Flora Terrace @ Hampshire Place

Now, it regarding my Izzat's post birthday celebration - lunch... Entah berapa kali tah nak celebrate... Daa~ 
Well, I suggested a few places to him(including this flora terrace), that weekend, and he choosed this place!
And i tumpang gembira ye... Actually dalam hati, i yang gedik wanting this place... Aww~♡♥

This restaurant is beautifully decorated, for me, it relaxing, cool & can be seen as romantic and sweet as well! And the services are also very good, the staffs are nice & friendly! 

We choosed a table-for-two at a corner (as suggested by the staffs)...
When we were there, there were also people having some baby shower thingy and some private lunch party... It's a nice place for such gathering, too! 

 the environment of that restaurant still allow us to have a long talk eventho there's quite lotz of people there...
it was a nice place i tell u :p

Speaking about the foods... This place served local as well as western foods!
And, I 'm in love with the spaghetti i ordered, so loaded with seafoods & so satisfying!
And he really satisfied with his beriyani! Me too! :p

Marinara Spaghetti
RM 25

Nasi Beriyani with Ayam Masala
RM 25

"Sex in the Garden"
(it a cranberry juice actually, fikir apa tu!)
RM 13

And, he ordered earl grey tea in a pot at RM 7

Enjoying every bite... I just want to have it alone =.= Dont want to share!

The corner i was talking about, and behind is the lunch party i was talking about (above) :p

Not so pretty #ootd :p
Should have wear my heels! 

And again, happy birthday! 
Yeah the whole month is ur birthday!!! ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
Yes! That's how good i am, u see! hehe
 We did enjoy the lunch, didnt we? ;) 
Hugs & kisses!


Ain Ibrahim said...

Nice place dear.

Anonymous said...

Hensem bf awak...:p

A Girl Like You said...

Ain : It a great place to dine! And not too expensive too! :)

Anonymous : First time la orang cakap... maybe awak kena check mata la... :p

Am_Mir said...

Waaaa sukalah baca entri akak! xD <3 btw, Akak and Him look suit together! Comelnyaa! >.<

A Girl Like You said...

Am_Mir : Thanks dear! thank u thank u! ;)

Alyani Matshah said...

sweet sgt !