Monday, November 11, 2013

William Corner, Kelana Jaya

Well, hi! I'm updating my blog! hee~ 
(It seems like, no update, no traffic; no traffic, no money~ hmm~)
And furthermore, actually i have few more food entries to be shared with u guys! But we'll arrange arrange the schedule first yeah! ;p Konon busy ke~

So, this one fine day, went to William Corner in Klana Jaya, with Izzat, my boyfriend, as usual!
Went there right after he got back from work! and then, the place is quite hard to find! yela, we didnt expect it will be there, like RIGHT THERE... and we went there pun petang, so tak berapa ramai orang yet!

Image googled, but this is the place...

So when we try to order, ok fine, there was no menu :p the waiter mumbling about whatever foods are good over there... So, as a first timer, we juz go with the suggestions! 

Chicken Chop 
RM 15

Mi raja seafood
RM 25

The mee raja i ordered, it served with prawns, shrimps, squid, soft-shell crabs...
Quite nice actually...!
Mula2 nak marah jugak apasal mi raja sampai RM 25 kat murni baru RM 8! 
Then seeing all these seafood, i terima seadanya lah!

Bukan apa nak marah, this place not Plan B or Serai, anyway~ 

But the food is good! The portion is huge! u can share if u didnt eat much! ;) 
Maybe i'll be back here soon!
Besides, there is more interesting foods we havent tried yet! 

Till the next post! ;)


shaa bonitaa said...

penah jugak try mkn sini..order yg plate besa tu..wlpn quite mhl tp berbaloii la kalo share mkn reramai..heee

Anonymous said...

bedal je.jgn bekira.x guna diet kal end up sakit ntah hapa2.most important eat well,live well.

A Girl Like You said...

haha... ok ok, xdiet xdiet... :p