Friday, November 1, 2013

Here we come, hey November! :)

Salam. Hi! 
Well, yeah, november is approaching, and kalendar tahun hijrah pun bakal bergerak... 
I've been kinda busy... And this month, i'm gonna be wayyy busier! 

However, i do love december, january, february & so on! A lot of my favourite dates marked on the calendar!
But this year, i have to settle 1 part of my messy life first! ;) 
Then i'll be celebrating my favourite day with my loves one, and then my family... and so so on, and last but not least celebrating it with MYSELF

I'm super excited for everything!!! 
(Dont blame me for always being excited out of nothing, hee~)

p/s : Im gonna be busy at least until mid december... Gonna speak to u again after one month (i guess!) 
and and soooo gonna update about my life & my fashion inspiration & any recipes or my shopping haul, during the holiday! YES! Next month is holiday! Byeee!

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Alison Alison said...

The books in Bookalicious is way cheaper then those of MPH,Borders...It's in summit usj..I've not paid a visit yet.Hopefully someday.