Monday, September 16, 2013

Tony's Timeout

Good foods with good price? U can count on me! *ececeh*

"I skipped lunch for Tony's timeout!" 
It true actually, we skipped lunch on our date... :p Not actually skipping lunch, but we only had some pancakes for lunch (only keee?!)

Regarding this Tony's Timeout, it all stated on the above poster, i dont need to say more right! 
Click on the poster and u'll get a bigger view, on what menu u gotta choose!

My sweet love! ahaks!
Plus, u guys can add on soup of the day OR a soft drink, juz by adding RM 3.90... Isnt that sooo worth it?! 

He ordered Mojo Chicken
I love it especially it stuffed with broccolli!

Tony's Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken...
Was trying to cut on carb on that day!... But my so called diet only lasted a day... Thank u...

Last but not least... 

Soup of the day ... Beef soup... 

Okies, till then!


Lauren said...

Looks like great food and a good time!


A Girl Like You said...

yeah it was! :D