Sunday, September 1, 2013

14th MMU Convocation Ceremony

Convocation day is one bitter sweet moment that every student has been waiting for...
Where your parents excitedly (i think) waiting for their children to come on stage & receive the scroll, so that they can stand up proudly and snap your picture, lol... Proud moment for them... 

And as a student, lining up with your friends  who has been gone thru the journey together with you... 

My convocation day was perfect, with my family, my better half & my classmates around!

Please be excited everyone! here's the photos! :)
Tengok2 lah eh...

Intan, me, Ayeen

Luckily i'm sitting next to my friends in the hall! So that we could camwhore-ing together! So much fun! :) Nasib baik i duduk sebelah u, intanbhaizura! *Gonna miss her~ ;(
Otherwise, i might be sleeping in there! 

This is our favourite photo actually!

Ok lah, the rest of the photos, just, please watch me in actions ok! ;p
Jangan tak tengok pulak...

My coursemates, Iqa & Addin!

My forever seniors
Because i'm forever young... ehem...

Zaris and Ifah, kawan hostel since melaka... kalau hostel je muka diaorg ni, patut lah orang lain apply xdapat, ye dok! :p haha
I'm soooo glad to meet them and i;m glad that they made it! LOVE!

Qayum & Adin both are my coursemates!
Actually ni gambar yang paling i menyampah sekali! 
motif yang tengah2 tu buli my boyfriend! #eh :p

I can't help it, i'm so ayu over there 

Finally some *alone* moment with love 
di bawah sinaran mentari menyinari menusuk ke jiwaku ketika bersamamu... ~ :p

That day had been a very very happy day for me! 

And now, i really really really miss those times when i was in university... 

Melepak bilik member tak hengat dunia, dating siang malam tak hengat dunia, konon2 busy buat event, time study je ingat katil... :D 

Gosh i mish u college!