Saturday, May 11, 2013

The celebration ... ♡♥

The celebration with love!
Celebrating what? (macam sekolah sangat nak tanya2)
Celebrating us (almost) reaching the finishing line of student life in mmu! 
Insyaallah, pray for us!

Oh this is one of my favourite food!

So we selected, Sushi King
Craving for how long already!
Went to this mall, after finished with our papers on thursday!

Celebrated it with foods & chilling around, fun tea time, and also
it quite fun to sit in Borders and read magazines for quite some times!

Had so much fun on that day! 
Well, holding the status as MMU student for few more days/weeks, only... 
Sedih juga rupanya! #goodbyemmu ~

So many memories of us created in mmu, around mmu, and with the name of mmu... 
even after leaving mmu, the memories will never fade...
The memories of me, and you 

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