Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hmm, today, not going anywhere, not going to bazaar ramadhan, coz i slept all day long... Entah lar, mcm letih semacam jer... yeah, coz last night i x bangun sahur, terlepas =(

Actually, this post is juz very random, which means, bacalah kalau rajin... =p i'm bored... now...

So, i wanna write about, how excited i am about life(huhu, x nak jadikan tajuk macam gempak sgt pula, padahal xder aper2 pun... hahaha!) But this post gonna be so rojak lar, x suker! but whatever lar!

Well, semester pun da nak habis, again! times flying kannn! bole x stop sekejap? let me take a breath first?(mmg tak arr =p)

Final exams coming up! Straight away after raya nanti, i'm not prepared, as usual... Nanti lar, insyaallah, i'll go prepare! ;) I think the toughest subject for this semester gonna be Management Accounting 2 or nama comercialnyer MA2(commercial ker?)...

This semester, har! i've been nakal sikit, sikit jer larrr, x byk pun, sbb i da pandai ponteng class =D achievement kan! =) haiz, campus life, campus life... I know there's so much more stuffs for me to learn! ehehehehe =)) *gurau jer okay*

Next semester! i'm waiting... Ok2, fine, i choose commitments because i wanted to be a more responsible person... I AM responsible, but, i have to be more responsible to myself, my study! That's why i hope commitment, will teach me and make me more hardworking ;p (kelakar pula bila nak kaitkan hardworking on study with me =p) What commitment i'm talking about, harrr... There's one day, CAC buat test mengejut(terkezut i) so, buat jer lar kan, senang2 hati, buat jer, then rupa2nyer that's a selection to form a team, for any competition(regarding accounting lar kotz, organize by CAC kan...) and only few people selected lar(20 i think), so i tulis panjang2 camni, x perlu cerita lanjut lar kan, so, yeah, i'm selected(kalau ikut results exam con-firm! x selected kannn, test mengejut lg bole?) ;) and melayu berapa org jer, so tira pun selected(yeayy, ader geng, tu semangat =p) So it a big opportunity to learn more about accounting, to gain more experiences on accounting, and relates so close with our area, our field, so, takkan nak tolak, so commitment tuuuu ;p And another thing is, Jom Kayuh Beca, i'm excited about this event okays, and setakat ni, i choose to get involves, as working committee(bila bercakap tentang working committee, tau2 jer lar how it likes right!), well, ni pun commitment, it a big event, org offer, mula2 ckp x nak, pastu tanya2 lagi, so x nak lar refuse, mcm diaorg cakap "x pernah kerja dgn fifa, t'ingin kerja dgn fifa", i pun sama juga, x pernah kerja dgn diaorg, n teringin kerja dgn team lain juga =) So, i accepts it lar!
Colaboration of UPG n SIFE (ni yg plg awal2 dahulu, now da makin byk kotz) and SRM, entah i dont know YET they colaborating or not...Well, bout this event, hopefully it workin... Doakan! (and see! i've started to promote it eventhough it havent started to been discussed yet!) See how excited i am bout this event, how it gonna looks like kan! mcm pelik and cute jer...?
p/s : And fyi, i never fail to submit my assignment on time, so dont be so worry bout my assignment?!
And i'll always done my job especially if it relates to other people okies, so dont worry much!

So, i'm a sucks time manager, that's my big huge problem! Major one! so next semester onward, no no no, from now onward, i should manage myself well!!! (tadi baru susun2 notes, tutorials etc, manage lar tu ;p) and starts from tomorrow, i'll try to be more manageable person...(yo yo o tul! tomorrow! bukan main!) insyaallah ;)

So, first thing first, siapkan assignment yerpz fifa, Management Accounting(present next week), English, AIS, and read english novel (half wayyy, opps not half yet)...

Wish me luck, guys! bulan puasa ni... ;) And again, selamat berpuasa! and selamat mengumpul pahala =) behave okies, it Ramadhan! =D

p/s : bila nak berbuka ramai2 ni =( nakkk... semester ni semua org busy mcm2 kan, let's get bonding again! i miss that! *konvoi ke bazar x cukup convincing lar suraya, ehehe!

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