Friday, January 1, 2010


I'm back from my vacation... As i mentioned, cuti2 malaysia... hee~ So, i'm back from Sarawak... 25th december-31st december =)

>>>Flight to Miri by Air Asia (Now everyone can fly =P) , stay there for 2 days... We choose Marriott Resorts & Spa... Having a pleasant stay of course, as usual, Marriott... 

Me, my brother and my grandma!

Since Miri & Brunei is not so far, papa drove to Brunei on the second day... Forgot to mentioned that we rent a car in Miri, once u reach the airport lots of car for rent there! N there's one problem of Brunei, not every petrol station allowed outsiders to pump petrol into our car... only certain petrol station allowed that with different prices! How tragic! Hmm... And there's Kampung Air, everything is on the river, their houses, their mosque, police station, and 12 schools... So cute...Like boring2 dekat sekolah, or geram sgt dekat cikgu just jump into d water,kan! hee~ main2 jer...

>>>So, next day we fly to Kuching by MASWings... And here in Kuching we stayed in Grand Margherita Hotel... Just by the side of Sungai Sarawak... Then jalan2 there for that few days... Went to Kampung Budaya, some museums, Santubong etc...

>>>And lastly we fly back by MAS... Arrived KLIA around 4pm... And straight went back to Segamat, after taking some stuffies from hostel n bought Big Apple from Alamanda... =P

Marriott Resorts & Spa, Miri

Brunei Airport

Kampung Air in Bandar Seri Begawan...

their school

mosque(bukan banjir okie =P)

Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching...

by the Sarawak River.

This is where i had dinner, a foodcourt in Kuching, sorry i dont know what we called the place, but it was upstairs, and only few malay stalls...

We ate a lot of lot of seafoods! 

should i tell where am i, haha, it so obvious... =P

Santubong Beach

behind is Gunung Santubong

In Kg Budaya, Sarawak!

Many Sarawak cultures here! 
Sarawak consists of many races, so there's a lot of cultures!

There were also cultural shows! 
Dancing la, sumpit la...;)

Melanau dress

with the performers there

on the cruise

Masa tengah merajuk...

Atas cruise ni dia ada jugak hidangkan kuih-muih & also there was cultural shows up there! :)
U only have to buy ticket and u could enjoy it all!

in museum(can't remember which)





  1. happy new year..n happy holiday too..

    nice pics...wana go to s'wak too.. oneday...

  2. hiiii ira, Happy new year & happy hols too...=))


    N nak pergi sarawak ni xder makna lain ea^^?? hehe =P

  3. ahahaa..
    just nk pg suka2.. jejalan/..