Sunday, January 3, 2010

Actually, honestly, holiday ni kadang2 boring, but i still wanting more holidaysss =P...
Okie, so, for this semester break which left few more days ni, i've plan to utilize it(cewah)... Nak really resting and spend time just for me!

I want to :-
  1. finish my novels, which i get it from MPH ages ago... there's 2, i wish to finish one first, at least =P
  2. watch moviesss & seriesss (gotta find one interesting series, Malay ker, Taiwan ker, Hong Kong ker, Korean ker or Hollywood ker, anything lar!)
  3. Listen to the radio puas2, new songs, old songs...
  4. watch TV puas2!
  5. belajar masak (bole ker, malunyer)=P
  6. Eat whatever i cannot in hostel, (limited sangat...)
  7. Online 24/7
  8. Main semula games yang da lama ditinggalkan di facebook(eg:pet society, typing maniac etc) & PS buruk tu...
  9. Plan for the next semester(iyer jer! konon)
  10. Reading , from the net, magazines, newspaper...Gain knowledge, tips, gossips! =P
  11. Jogging!
  12. Get a good rest...
okie, that's all i can think off for now... =)
Hopefully tercapai...


For this year, i do have Azam Tahun Baru which i usually dont have...
This year, great onesss...~
Wish me luck!

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