Saturday, January 9, 2010

TVB Drama

Hmm... Dont know what to write lar... hmm... N holiday's kinda bored... 2 weeks da macam 2 months... And so, one of my holiday mission achieved, online 24/7... I AM onlining 24/7... haha...

So i tried to find what to watch, and i suddenly 想到 these TVB series which i use to watched... I LOVE to watch TVB drama since i was small, since i'm in kindergartden i guess... It not easy to find those old drama even in google... hmm... I miss to watch all that! I think i wanna watch it back lar...

Some of my favourites are 律政新人王(Survivor Law)2003, 美丽在望(Not Just A Pretty Face)2003, 美丽传说(A Dream Named Desire)2000, 无名天使3D(Angles of Mission)2004, and toooo many more lar! I want to watch TVB drama back! =( I cant remember many of them!

3 Miss Hong Kong in 无名天使3D

My favourite!(Shirley Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok)

by Roger Kwok(郭晋安)& Joey Yung(容祖儿)

And 我喜欢 drama from Taiwan also, i tried to searched, but i cant find any of them coz maybe it 10 years back, hmm=p hmmm... Anybody watched series charlie's angles Taiwan version series ? I like that! But cant find it! Arghh, i miss those days... =p

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