Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village

Assalamualaikum & hi!
Lucky that, my lil family managed to get our precious coffee sesh right before the CMCO started.

Went to Bangsar Village because we think that the crowd there is smaller.
We choosed Nutmeg for our evening coffee!

The menu

The menu there varies from appertizer, main dish and desserts.
There're selections of foods for you to choose from.

But that evening, we only opt for coffee and cakes.
There're huge selections of cakes and tarts.
I just, got so confused what to choose.
I finally choosed... 
(read more, hehehe)

Food and the Prices

The prices of the cakes ranges from RM12 - RM18.
And the drinks ranges from RM8 - RM20.

We ordered : Mango Cheesecake, Almond Tart, Black Coffee & Iced Latte.
Rifqi ordered Iced Lemon Tea as well after he wokes up.

Our cake and tart were served with a scope of vanilla ice cream! Love it!
However the Mango Cheesecake doesnt met my expectation.
That's all i can say...

And total bill was around RM80.

Mango Cheesecake.

Almond Chocolate Tart

Iced Latte.

The Ambience

As for the ambience, i would say that it is a family friendly cafe.
The place is quite spacious, can bring baby stroller along.
The cafe was comfortable for chit chatting and dining! 

In conclusion, it was a pleasure to spent our time here for coffee.
The cakes selections was huge, maybe i should choosed another cake instead, during next visit! ;)

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Atie Zieya said...

never yet try mango cheese cake, always lemon cheesecake saja.. i think i should now try