Friday, June 26, 2020

Rifqi's 4th Birthday - The MCO Partay

Assalamualaikum & hi.

Oh it has been a while since last i updated my blog! Sorry!

So here i am, and i wanna share about the birthday celebration of my first born, Rifqi.
Can't believe he is four years old this year! I just still can remember clearly the moment he stare into my eyes a few seconds after he was born, and look at him now. Adoi, every mothers can relate kan!

So his birthday fell on Raya month this year! However, we cannot do anything big for him! 
Actually we have celebrated his birthday at ,y inlaw's house during Raya, but since Rifqi is requesting for Sesame Street Cupcakes, so i decided to let him blew the candles once again! :)

Nothing much about the celebration, there's Sesame Street Cupcakes (of course), leftover Mamasab Brownies, we also ordered Ayam Penyet & sushi for dinner.

Even the celebration seems small and nothing, but Rifqi seems so happy and too happy to eat the cupcakes cream! 
And i purchased another present for him too, eventhough he received presents from his papa already during the celebration at the in laws.

Mama and Papa love u Rifqi, and all we ever wanted is u to be happy! 

The decorations

Bought the decoration stuffs from Mr DIY, very simple, just to take pictures for memories purpose!
Bought "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" foil balloons, and fairylight!

And we got all the pictures we desired.

We were quite dissapointed that Rifqi couldnt celebrate his birthday with his friends at school, however he still enjoyed his birthday ! 

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