Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hubs birthday celebration @ Le Meridien

It's our 8th birthday together! Love u! And i need more Pandora charms sayang!

Since on his birthday itself my family was here, so we decided to celebrate his birthday together with my brother's belated birthday.

We loves buffet with affordable price, so we choosed Le Meridien Putrajaya, since they accept many credit cards and give a lot of discounts! 

Don't worry about the foods. u gonna spoilt with choices!
My favourite section is the japanese foods section which served variety of sushis and sashimis...
As for pasta section, they're made to order! U can choose the shape of pasta u want, and then the sauce...
Besides, they also have western and asian cuisines and the foods are very specific.
They have naan and tandoori for indian foods; chicken rice and many more chinese dishes; and dishes like masak lemak cili api and so on for malay dishes.

As for western cuisines, they have roasted meats, roasted veges and many more! Roasted human being je tak ada...

So many foods to choose from, so it is easier for Rifqi to choose what he wants to eat (and then throw those foods on the floor, and make me gone crazay...)

We just loveee the buffet here! That's it!
Cucu kesayangan tokki...

Happy belated birthday too puksu boy!

Our queen...

Our little family!

So hard to get a decent photos these days!

This one considered decent enough la!

See! Decent ke tak decent!

Terus jadi tak romantic gambar ni, budak depan tu...

My best friend!

Actually Rifqi wore another baju just now, but he kotorkan everything, pakai lah apa ada nak!

Tak romantic jugak sebab husband pejam mata!

My beloved!

Cucu kesayangan sorang niiii!

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