Sunday, June 4, 2017

Short trip to JB

Since we are attending a friend's wedding in JB, hubs book a room in JB so that we can spend the weekend there! 
However, we didn't plan a visit to the famous theme park like Legoland or Hello Kitty land, cause, hellooo, kitta tak boleh main la, rifqi nak duduk mana... :p

Congratulations Izza & Mus!

Pelamin crasher...

 Thistle Hotel

We choosed to stay at Thistle and the next morning, Rifqi and his papa (and mama) managed to have a round of swimming sesh after breakfast!

A very very nice pool, indeed!

 Kilang Batteri

At night, we went to the Kilang Batteri, This is our 1st time.
Dinner kat situ je, there's so many warung in there! 
And i had hard time to choose my dinner! 

Finally i settled with Mee Rebus Haji Wahid, ayam habis pulak, terpaksa amik udang...
My husband had naan cheese, memang sedap dia lain sangat! 
And we shared one kacang pool together!

The ever famous Mee rebus hj wahid

Kacang pool

Naan cheese 

Sedap Corner

The next day, my parents came over to visit my uncle in the hospital.
We had lunch together at Sedap Corner next to the Thistle Hotel.
I used to come here with my family when i was small...
The foods were heavenly. Just, can't get enough of it! 

The price of the dishes starts from RM9 and above.
But u can always order set meal and it is way cheaper!

Buttered Prawn

Kacang + terung belacan

Tom Yam Seafood

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