Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Wedding Story : Fabrics for bridesmaids

Started to do this fabric hunting activity for the bridesmaids on early 2015
I'm so scared that if i delayed this task, my girls wouldn't managed to turn the fabric into a dress on time! 

I didn't ask for their opinion on the color, at all! I just whatsapped them to ask whether they want shiny kind of fabric or non-shiny. Most of them answered shiny, so i bought satin, and most of them choosed tudung bawal, so that saves  my $$$! :) 

As i did mentioned before, i choosed purple(click)... 
This is the only purple that i managed to get for 7 people... 
I would prefer a softer shades of purple actually... 

But nevermind, the most importantly, they dressed the same(and i choosed the color) as i wished on my special day!

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