Thursday, September 17, 2015

Floristika Bangsar ✿❀❁

Somewhere around last month, (after gaji), it a Friday, so during lunch time, after had lunch with my husband, i sent him off to the mosque near his office and headed to Floristika, alone... Told him that i needed some me time! :p 

This place is located at Jalan Riong, right behind NSTP...
This is my first time there (that's why im updating :p) and upon entering the shop, i feel so happy and the shop is so refreshing!!! heeee~ 
There were hundreds of flowers surrounding me and they're all under good conditions! 
Hydrangea, tulips, roses, carnations, orchids, daisies etc. so confused which one to grab!
As for the price, it was very reasonable (and affordable!)

I called my mom and asked her whether she wanted some fresh flowers... 
I settled with some orchids (for my mom) and carnations (for my room and the living room)
I got them on discount! 

I brought the flowers back to the office to avoid them dying in the car :p 

So, now, i made up my mind to get some fresh flowers at least once a month! :p it is a therapy 

a bunch like this cost only about RM 6.90

My catches this month!
Only RM 11 per bouquet (they're on sales)


Khajirah Yazid said...

nice entry. baru ada kesempatan nak follow. pls follow me back.

William said...

nice blog...full of colours..
you have a handsome husband too..:)