Friday, September 11, 2015

Coach KLCC Re-opening Event

Received an email a couple of weeks before the event, the invitation was meant for my mom since she's the frequent buyer (yeah with my papa's $$$ :pp Lolol), but of course they wouldnt attend, so my husband and i just decided to go since the event was after working hours. 

Window shopping and attending event in KLCC to release stress doesnt harm! 
Plus, i was excited to see how much the price reduce would be for the re-opening event, but sadly, only 15% discount, which was "baik-tak-payah" kinda discount~ 

Anyway, thanks for the invitation. for the night and for the canapes, Coach! ;) 

Juliana Evans at Coach KLCC re-opening event.
She was the cutest and friendliest celeb there!

Sonaone, pendatang baru & Joe Flizzow @ Coach KLCC re-opening event.

Cuci mata with the Coach latest collections!
Cantik hoiiii handbags! 

Tania Hudson at Coach KLCC re-opening event.
Another cute actress that i adore. That's why ajak bergambar...
Good night from me and my sweet love 

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