Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tryst @ SS15

Assalamualaikum, and wow, we're in the mid of Ramadhan already...
So fast...
I want to share about my honeymoon trip so badly, and i think that's gonna consist of a few posts.
Busy sangat konon, nak ber-coffee sesh pun tak sempat...

Speaking bout coffee sesh, before i got married, my then-fiance-now-husband and i went to this cafe and i'm in love, with the coffee and foods... Basically because they served a good piece of red velvet cake which is my all time favourite cake! =.=

While we were running here and there settling our wedding stuffs that time, pergi fitting lah, apa lah, normally, later in the evening we'll still go for a coffee break, 'cause that's his favourite~

After some googling session, we head to SS15 and i saw Tryst and we decided to try this cafe!

Browsing thru the cake counter, he choosen chocolate tart while i stick  to my red velvet cake! 

There's a couch that was empty in the shop and we just chilled there!
Taknak duduk kerusi kayu nanti sakit punggung :p

Choclate Tart
(cant remember the price)

Red Velvet Cake
(Cant remember the price, as well)

RM 7

RM  8

And tell u what, the biscotti is one of the best biscotti i've ever tried...

Will be back here soon!
(for the red velvet, of course...)


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