Sunday, May 3, 2015

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The clock is ticking, i just realize the clock IS ACTUALLY ticking?! 

Today my fiance and i gotta go back to my hometown and settle few things! 
Psttt there's a wedding to be prepare... 
It just a day trip, i hope there's time  for me to take him to my favourite mee bandung place for dinner... i hope it open today~ 

Today is Sunday, i went to work yesterday, and i have to go to work tomorrow, what world is this?

Btw, i'm done with fitting 1 and fitting 2 of my nikah dress & reception dresses...
There're from different designers actually but i love both of them so so much! They made beautiful dresses, really! 

And, happy monthiversary again, izzat... i lost count how many months already~ 


Cikk Mimin said...

wahh ! bestnya mak kawin dahh. tahniah yee

A Girl Like You said...

thank u :)