Saturday, March 7, 2015

That little treat ♥

If last year my now-fiance-then-boyfriend gave me a victoria secret fragrance set for my birthday, this year, he surprised me with this! Yes, a spa treat.

So sweet of him... Always tried to understand the feminine side of his girlfriend! :p Lol
Ambrosia Sense have a few branches so i booked the one nearest to my house. So on a Sunday, i drove there and indulge myself with all the treatment!!! ;)

Thank u so much fiance ♥
I love being pampered, of course... =.=

So, the package includes hot stone massage, full body massage, sauna session and full body scrub!
And it took around 2 hours and 1/2 for all the treatment...

And what i would like to share here is, the great service of this spa...
The massage session is the best! Soooo good to be pampered this way.

If you're asking me whether i'll go back to Ambrosia Sense, my answer is i will... 

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