Tuesday, January 6, 2015

His Birthday Celebration

Salam. hi! 

His birthday was last week! And we celebrated it in advanced
Well, i told him to spend his actual birthday this year wisely, alone/as a single man! 

No he actually didnt know that i was planning this birthday dinner, AT FIRST. 
But he started to noticed my clumsiness that day, and he can smells the fishy-ness...
So, tak berapa nak surprise... 
Tu la, i always perasan also if he tried to surprised me :p i can smells not just fish, but sotong, ketam and everything! Tak boleh dielakkan...! :p

I kept on mentioning to him, "nanti kita makan bubba gump k" like, 300 kali. 

So... u bet?!

So basically, Bubba Gump was our choice, ehem, my choice...

So, here come the exciting partttttt...
 Before meeting him, i've actually went to this restaurant and handover the cakes and the present to the worker here. So konon2 my fiance won't noticed anything la, sedangkannn~~~ 

While having our meals, i hinted the staff not far from me to bring out all the stuffs i mentioned just now.

So, they did brought the cakes on a plate and the present that i prepared
I thought "huh, nice, lucky that they put those cakes on a plate"...

And then they started to sing, not a normal birthday song, but it kinda Bubba birthday song? Modernized sikit la :p
And they made him stand on the chair. I thought they want him to sing or what, matiiii i ! 
Lucky that they just want him to gave a speech, and, and... and... 
they sang a 'shake u booty' song... And i think i better stop here :p


Yeah, the birthday boy was surrounded by the Bubba's waiters and had to stand on a chair and I, sitting there like a proper lady and record the entire scenes! :D

The foods and the place was good...! Ticked! 
But we didnt got to sit at the table we wanted 'cause they reserved all the 'comfortable' table for the customers that come in a group of 4 and above :((
Not ticked!

However, i should totally give credit to bubba gump(sunway pyramid branch) staff for such a lovely service and u guys are awesome, thanks for helping me with the surprise! 

Shrimp Heaven
RM 45.90

3 different deep fried shrimps served with 3 different sauces.
Sedapnya! Especially the tempura!

Fish in Butter Sauce
RM 29.90

It was Tilapia Fish... The mashed potatoes, Yumms! 
Such a delish!!! And the sauce,too!

Happy birthday, my heart and soul, my future sugar daddy 

I hate that pink blouse. Really really hate it! Well, u know, i looked ugly there


Ain Ibrahim said...

Awhhh so sweet....

Mohammad Izzat said...

cute fiancee...:)

Miss Fireflies said...

Bubba Gump!! I baru makan sana last week and order Choc Root Beer yang glass dia ada lampu kat bawah.haha!

A Girl Like You said...

Ain : Takdela sweet sgt, hehe :pp

A Girl Like You said...

Izzat : Cute ke? Cute lagi "shake your booty" song.

A Girl Like You said...

Miss Fireflies : Yeke? I takpernah tau pasal gelas ada lampu tu! Cool nya!