Monday, December 15, 2014

#Review : Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia ♥

Definitely, my favourite movie of the year!!!!!!!!!

Well, if u realize, I am Fazura's fan, since high school, and i am Lisa Surihani's fan, just recently,
and Manisnya Cinta was my favourfavourfavouriteeee novel during high school...

So, ko rasa?

I've been waiting for this movie since 2013... When i heard that Bernard Chauly's gonna direct another movie, i knew it gonna be amazing, and i knew it gonna be Fazura in it, or at least Lisa... The team are loyal! It always the same production team all over again!
But one thing i never thought off is that they gonna adapt my forever favourite novel
Gosh, so so soooo happy, it made my 2014 so cool!

And Bernard Chauly is my favourite director of all!

Never missed any of it... And i've always been and always will be a loyal fan :p hehe... 

Because of all the reasons stated, i must musttt watch this with my fiance! :p
I'm so glad i did, heee~ :p

Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia was based in Cappadocia (which in the novel, it was Cairo), for several scenes as well as KL areas. 

The appearances of Susan Lankaster, Aida Khaleeda, Featuring Nur FazuraShaheizy SamLisa Surihani and a lots more stars, which i did not expect... Dian P.Ramlee, Normah Damanhuri & Erma Fatima, was such a surprise, a very good surprise... 

The theme were, as usual, feminisme & love...

Lisa & Fazura as siblings in this movie...
Yeah Malaysia sweetheart & Malaysia's Fashion Princess, they said...

They are among few most beautiful celebrities in Malaysia. 

What i love loveeee most about the movie, were, as usual : 
the wardrobe (since Gol & Gincu, by Daniel Henry), the interiors of their home, room and office, the Cappadocia of course & the setups like the places they went to such as restaurants and everything! 

Fazura as Ifti Liyana

Lisa Surihani as Izilea

Shaheizy Sam as Nazmi

This is an eye-catchy movie, colorful, with beautiful soundtracks, and most of all, all the actor & actresses did a good job!

The 'imagination' scenes are my favourite!

While the idea of the quotes, i did not prefer that...
But it doesn't harm!

Everything will be so memorable!

And Radley London was the sponsor fot the handbags in this movie once again after Istanbul Aku Datang

Aww, love loveee these colorful designer bags!

I'm not so into Shaheizy Sam so much, so the sweet scenes doesn't really worked for me :p

Sorry :p

But who can resist the adorable beautiful fazbulous Fazura...
Her styles are always to die for!

In conclusion, this movie is a MUST WATCH!!! 
It fashionably romantic, it kinda sweet actually... and sometimes funny and cute! 

I might be biased here since i'm bernard chauly's movies fan! 
But i rate this movie 5-stars and again, a must watch film for 2014!

Fabulous movie!


tiga lalat said...

Salam. Hee cantik gambar cappadocia.

ainraus said...

pretty fazura. :) and cute too .

in the movie.

A Girl Like You said...

Tiga Lalat : W'salam... Kan! Such a nice place!!!

Ain : Yeah, mmg cntk! And love her outfitsss! ♥

Gambar motor Drag said...

Cantik-cantik nian itu perempuan :)

Najlaa 'Aqilah said...

5 stars?! okay i need to watch this.

Najlaa 'Aqilah

Afiqah Azmee said...

hi dear! sushi mostly ikan kan so nothing to worry too much except for the sauce. lain kedai, lain jenis sos dia so kalau kat tokyo kalau ragu ragu boleh elakkan sos dia. also kalau ada sushi daging, pun tak halal hihi.

Najlaa 'Aqilah said...
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A Girl Like You said...

Najlaa : Yeah, u really really really should! ;) Go buy the tickets now! ♥

A Girl Like You said...

Afiqah : But i'm afraid sometimes kan dieorg ada letak yang something like, alcohol tu, mirin ke something like that... :

Azwar Syuhada said...

Alaaa..tak tengok lagi.. ramai kata best :)

Azghen said...

Wahhh! I'm a big fan of Fazura too! Harus pegi tengok cite ni:))

ros_reeza said...

tengok iklan kat tv, macam best. tapi tulah, dah lama tak gi panggung. hihi..