Monday, September 8, 2014

Gol & Gincu : The Fashion & the Battles

Ok hey Malaysia 90's babies! 
This sure was a hit during our teenage year! Doesn't it? 
Who doesn't know Gol & Gincu and who doesn't love Putri by Fazura...! 
I love loveeee her, even until now! Can't get rid of it! 

This movie was perfect, back then! Gosh, i miss Gol & Gincu!

The fashion, the college life, the cute little car she owned, the friendship, her room, the decor, the sports, the bestfriend, the places they hang out...

A girl can dream! 

Not just the clothes they're wearing, even the printer is so gorgeous... :p

The girlish-ness of the movie, how can we not like it?! 
I crave for a Malaysian movie like this, i don't know what others are thinking... 
But, 90's babies, don't u lie on my face that u don't know Gol & Gincu and not love it?!

I'm sooo gonna update about the series if anyone also crave for it, just like me! :p Kalau takde takpe... ;)


Nor Faizah said...

I do love this movie. Tengok bnyk2 kali pown x jemu :)

A Girl Like You said...

yeah, i know!!! kannn! Favourite sangat! ;)