Friday, September 12, 2014

Pickle & Fig @ TTDI

After we(Izzat & I) had some ikan bakar sesh@Jalan Bellamy (which was so good! This is my second try. and his first!),
we headed to Damansara Utama to look for a good coffee shop!

Urmmm well, we love coffee sesh, remember?! 
Went to few shops in TTDI and there were all fullhouse or we had to queue up for at least an hour for a few sips of coffee, which is, not relevant!

 Damansara, TTDI, Bangsar, so crowded on weekend! Erghhh...

RM 8 each 

Lucky that Pickle and Fig can still fit us in! 
At least now we can calmly talk and sipping coffees, and enjoy our favourite moments 


Mila Hilas said...

ske tgk gmbr coffe tu mcm2 corak hehe

Cik Itah said...

salam. i love cappuccino heeee

Roziah Muhammad Nor (Cie) said...

Cantik cappucino tuh sayang nak minum. Hihihi

A Girl Like You said...

cappuccino is ♡♥ ! ;)
Especially if the barista pandai lukis2 atas coffee tu!♥