Friday, September 19, 2014

#Review : The Maze Runner

Salam. hi!
Well, it has been a while since i did my movie review... It not that i didn't go to movie theatre all these while, it just i'm too lazy to review...

But this one, i need to and i have to share and tell u guys, this is a very good movie!

 This movie is about a group of boys (at first before a girl came along) who live in a world surrounded by huge wall, and no one ever found a way out and no one is brave enough to fight for their freedom, until a boy named Thomas came along...

To make yourself more clear about this movie, go watch it yourself!

Mysterious, adventurous, surrounded with curiosity... this movie IS really nerve wrecking...

One thing for sure, i would say that this is the best movie i've watched this year so far!

Can't wait for the sequel! really can't wait!!!!! 

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