Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bridezilla mode : Turned on

Salam... Hey ;)

If you're wondering what i've been doing lately... I've been busy, preparing for stuffs, wedding stuffs...

Fabric shops, meeting the designers, surveying every wedding thingy, hit the shopping mall to find the perfect hantaran, ring hunting (most importantly :p ) , pelamin hunting etc. Never ending list...!

Don't even have time to sit in a coffee shop and date... i kinda miss that...
I dont hate coffee anymore :p
I love coffee now, i love coffee shops! :p
The coziness & relaxing ambience!

Now every weekends were spent with either hitting the boutique, or malls, or pameran pengantin~

Eh, this photo? Oh yeah we had coffee last week, it just me didnt ordered coffee, i ordered juice instead :pp


Next year gonna be even more busy...

However, i relieved that a lot of things are done... i mean booked, not done.
Still so many things to be done! 
I could use some help...

Yeah, was thinking to DIY my own guestbook, any idea?

The stress strikes!
Lucky that i have two heroes (my dad & my fiance, they kinda pays everything :p) and an assistant (my mom obviously, she's not really an assistant, she's the boss sometimes :p),not to forget my brother, my uncle, fiance's family and they will make the dream wedding happen! heee~ :pp

Hmm, and i hereby announce my bridezilla mode, turned on! :)


IntanSaleha said...

Haha. Goodluck dear. Peningkannn nak buat preparation ni. Pastuh bila dah pening cuba watlek watpis padahal dalam hati gelabah. Nervous pon ade!

Najlaa 'Aqilah said...

good luck! good luck! may the preparations went all smoothly!

Najlaa 'Aqilah

AzrinaAhmad said...

Try check miezcraft on instagram for your guestbook. As much as you want to do it DIY, I know you know you know won't have that much time to yourself. Hehe...
But if you want to DIY a simple one than boleh proceed la and one of the ideas you could use is to put happy marriage quotes on every page, or even pictures of you and the groom to be. ;)
Anyway.. All the best!

ros_reeza said...

p/s : w'salam. mee kari kat secret recipe yang akak makan tu mee biasa, bukan spagethi :)

A Girl Like You said...

Intan : Yeah... mmg pening, mmg byk sgt kerja xhabis2!

Najlaa : Thank u so much, pretty! ;)

Azrina : Yeah! Thanks for the idea! good idea! and yeah, about time management tu, it true :(

ros_reeza : Thank u so much akak for replying... :) saya ada issue sikit dgn satu secret recipe ni!

Puteri Panda said...

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Good luck, dear. Buat persediaan awal tau. Jangan jadi mcm saya 6 bulan lagi nak kahwin tapi masih buat disaat-saat akhir. Haha. Tapi syukur semuanya berjalan dgn lancar. Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya. Aamiin... :)

A Girl Like You said...

Insyaallah :)

Thanks! Ni pun rasa dah xsempat sempat dah ni :D