Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2 flowers in a week

Yeah, just so you know, i seldom received big bouquet of flowers, receiving these? I'm thankful enough! hehehe :p Oh, the last time i received a large bouquet was during my convocation, that was first and last, to be exact  =.=

This week, even my mom asked, "kenapa asyik dapat bunga ni?" :p lol.

How can i not be thankful receiving these two red roses, in a week, from izzat?! 
Actually one of the flowers is to celebrate our *th year together! :p  heeee~ 

(So, readers, tolong sediakan baldi 1st takut2 kalau nak muntah... )

Thanks to you, for the flowers, i love it! and thank you for spending times with me! :) 

I'm glad that i met u 5 years back, otherwise, i might not feel these happiness 

Lunch at Pappa Rich -Dining-, IOI City Mall to start off the day! :) 

I can't wait to update about the special dinner of the year

And i'm glad that things are getting clearer day after day! ;) 

Heart u! 
Ok that's cheezy =.= 

By the way the curry mee at this Pappa Rich branch was really awesome! Not oily! ;) 
K bye.

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