Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Sumbs Cafe

Located at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, this cafe is one simple yet pleasant place to hang out! 

On one rainy weekend, my fiance & i headed here, for the sake of our passion for foods
When we reached this cafe, it was crowded by people and we had to leave our name in the waiting list and wait patiently outside the restaurant. sitting, and watching the raindrops... Aww  

When he reached my house and took me out that weekend, he said we're going to Shah Alam, i was guessing that, erm he might take me to this cafe... 

So, firstly he took me to some exhibition... After done with tour-ing session in that exhibition, we got into the car (while raining outside)
And i asked him "Nak coffee dekat mana?" 
He asked me back where i want to go, i asked (forced) him to spill out what he had in mind, and as i thought, he has the same thought as mine! As usual =.=

Since i mentioned that this cafe is 'simple', the food doesn't speak much, but the price is very very reasonable! 
For that reason, i didn't ask for much! 
The foods were average (nice but not too great) but the price is considered cheap, so, i'm still a happy & satisfied customer

Dendeng Calzone
RM 8.50

Fish & Chips Ala The Sumbs
RM 7.50

RM 4.50

For me, the churros is good and crispy, it was served with some chocolate dip and yes, it's quite oily but, doesnt that how churros supposed to look like?! 

On the other hand, the calzone & the fish was slightly average...

Regardless of the average food served, this cafe is unique in their own way & it was quite soothing spending time there! Maybe the rain added some romantic element there... :p 

However, we had a good time! 


radin siti aisyah said...

blogwalking here...:D

EZAN IDMA said...

hyeee nice sharing, tengok mcm sedap. dah lama tak ke shah alam

A Girl Like You said...

thank u girls! :)

Sedap jugak, lain daripada yang lain! :) Can give it a shot! ;)