Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Library Coffee Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South

Such a nice place like this, how could i waste it?! :p 

Salam... Hiii all...
As usual, we loves to have coffee dates

So Izzat is actually the one who found  this place, 'cause it kinda within his territory...
Feeling so in love whenever speaking 'bout him... (korang rasa nak lempang aku kan?! haha :p) 

So, introducing, The Library Coffee Bar... 
We actually pay a visit here few weeks ago, sorry for these backdated post!!!

The place is cozy, comfortable & different
Referring to the beautiful picture i took (lol), this is why they called this place as The Library Coffee Bar, there are books, and coffees, need i say more? 

Such a nice place, i love it!!! 

We both ordered Americano and it costs us RM 6 each! (if i'm not mistaken)

I can't stop loving the ambience! Such a good place to chill, chat & plans

Last but not least, a selfie to complete this post! ;)

Till then!


julia abu anuar said...

selalu je pi bangsar tapi tak pernah perasan plak coffee house macam ni... thanks! nnt nak carilah tempat ni

eLiza nABILah said...

tapi lighting die sgt mengantukkan..huhu..mmg kene bantai long black kalo nak duduk situ..hahaha

Hanida Moss said...


Me and my fiance suka carik independent coffee shop macam ni. We just love their decorations and also the good coffee.. hehe :)

A Girl Like You said...

Julia : try la! nnti u boleh lepak sambil baca buku kat situ...♡

Eliza : hey!!! Apa khabar???!

hanida : kan! nice decor & good coffees must go together!!!♥♥♥

nor hidayah mohd nor said...

Oh. iday taw tempat ni! actually its my favourite placeeee. selalu lepak baca buku & sometime bawak buku sendiri. hehehe. tempat dating pon best ni :p

A Girl Like You said...

hidayah : Kannn! Love the place! Relaxing!