Monday, April 21, 2014

Shopping spree

I had quite a lovely weeks, past few weeks! 
Did some shoooppppping~ :p lol...
yeah, that's why i'm KINDA happy :p

Well, these are SOME of the things that might appear in my ootd post, later! 

And regarding the Clarks shoes, i'm happy i bought it, bought it for health purpose, since i have to walk a lot lately!
Like last time, when i was still in school, selalu, beli shoes from scholl or hush puppies, yeah they are good in quality but not so attractive, but time tu budak lagi so pakai je apa2 parents suruh :p 
But later on, i dont want such shoes anymore, they're not pretty... But nowadays, those brands like clarks, hush puppies, they're pretty & good in quality as well! WELL DONE!

Also, bought the masks from sephora... will do the review after i'm done using 'em!

Plus plus, also shopped for some room decorations! I watched a lot of room tour videos from youtube lately, so, i was kinda affected! Hee~ So eager to share a so-called 'room tour' post, here, as well! 

So that's all for now... happy monday peeps! 


Teena Tna said...

I love shopping too :)

Frydolina Fay said... spree!! :) Nice!

A Girl Like You said...

heee~ Hello peeps! ♥