Friday, April 4, 2014

Chili's @ KLCC

Yeah, have been wanting to try on Chili's for months already!
Like last time, dah iye iye nak makan Chili's and when we arrived at Midvalley, it under construction, that's why makan Plan B, well, u know, we should always have Plan B... 

But no! Not this time! 
This time, we went to the KLCC branch which i think the most beautiful Chili's (if u gotta sit near the window),which, we were not manage to do so, 'cause it was weekend, and to even get a place, we have to line up, but alhamdulillah, takde lah beratur lama mana...:)

The famous bottomless Nachos
Tostada Chips
RM 13.95

Yumms! With tomato dip!

Lamb Shoulder
RM 30.95

I ordered this one... the waiter asked how i want my lamb, of course i said i want it medium rare, selalu tengok cerita masakan lah katakan, but then he said kalau medium rare, it kinda bleeding, so i choosed medium well... Actually i think it wont be blood if u rest the meat long enough, right? Anyone cullinary here? Coz i'm not so sure!

Bacon Burger
RM 23.95

Izzat ordered burger! And the patty pun boleh minta nak macam mana, he asked for a medium well, as well! I told him well done tak sedap, keras! :p heee~ banyak tengok cerita masakan kennn (Nak tekankan jugak)

The nachos are bottomless, so, suitable for people who want to have gathering, with friends, here, sit there for a long while...  and the staffs will keep on refilling your nachos!

This is applicable for soft drinks as well!

But for us, we only managed to refill our nachos twice! Too full with our main!

The sweets of my life... 

Oh, one thing, we rarely order drinks in any restaurants, 'cause we loveee to have coffee a lil bit late in the evening! So we usually cut on sweets during lunch and then have a splendid tea time
Does it make any different? hmm don't know! haha...

Oh besides, Chili's Restaurants are also available in Midvalley, One Utama, Empire Subang, Paradigm Mall, & Citta Mall!

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