Monday, June 17, 2013

Grafa @ SS15

There's this one night, last week, me & him, we planned to have dinner together...
Well, now he's kinda working, so dinner time is the only time we could spent together, besides weekends...
Sometimes he'll come and pick me up at my house and sometimes i'll drive to wherever we gonna meet...! 
Kata moden, harus jadi independent girl, aww! ♥ hihi...
Plus he's already so tired for the whole day~ 
Ok i'm sweet i know~ ;p

So that day i drove to Taipan and ingat nak makan kat situ je, but then, 
so sweet of him he drove to this Grafa Cafe (which is on our 'to try list')
The place is nice & sweettttt~

Oh quite a lengthy introduction from me, dah lama kan tak update this blog! ;p Sabar je lah~

Okay so, introducing, Grafa located @ SS15.
It is kinda hidden in the middle of the street so search carefully... hehe~

 I dont know what happen to this picture when i get back, sorry for the low quality pic :(
This is my meal...
Mamma Mia Sandwiches
RM 15

The bread is actually filled with bacon & mozarella cheesee!

He ordered Butter Garlic Noodles...
RM 15

Kinda spicy, and i love it! But he don't, blerghh...

Watermelon juice
RM 5

And he ordered long black coffee, freshly brewed coffee bean ok!

Anddd, there is much more foods that i eager to try, here! :) Next time insyaallah maybe!

Basically this is such a good place to have a long talk, to chit chatting with your friends...
Good foods, good services, and the environment is quite romantic, it not romantic in a classy way but it more to chillex way... chillex-street-style-romantic environment...
Ok ignore it, i made that up!

Allright! :)


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Sabby Prue said...

hi babe, i love your posts on food! :) nway I tried grafa the other day and the spaghetti meatballs was such a downer. T_T

A Girl Like You said...

Maybe the portion is big but the taste of some foods ada yg ok ada yg x kan!

Thanks for commenting :)