Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flavours, Bangsar.

Okay, this gonna be a fun post, basically...
Actually it sad, coz this kinda a farewell dinner for us... :(
happened last thursday... 
(baru update coz busy with exams!)
But i juz wanna write about this restaurant first laaa...
Sedih2 sekejap lagi...~ ;)

Flavours is located at Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar...
First thing first, the foods are all good! Sebab, well, the chef is the Chef Riz (Chef Wan's son)
Don't know him? go goole! :p

Actually there were about 13 of us from bachelor of accounting (our batch) were managed to come...
Basically pun geng2 kitaorang je~
Tu yang best tu!
(Will introduce them in the next post la? )
Because this might be the last time for us to go have fun as coursemates together :(

And i'm not managed to took all their foods photos, tapi ada lah sikit2... 
Asal ada okay! ;p

Chicken Chop 
RM 23
The veges there quite attractive kan! The fries tasted good & the chicken was good as well...

Flavours Char Kuay Teow
RM 20
Tak dapat rasa... sorry :p tapi sedap je tu! :p

Buttermilk Spaghetti (This is mine!)
RM 22
Sedap, sweet and a bit spicy, but really2 satisfied!

Mushroom meltz
RM 22
This one, i wanna order this next time! Delicious! and satisfying!

Rizs Nasi Briyani with Chicken
RM 23
Most of them ordered this! Sedap and worth it! sebab banyak & banyak lauk
And my friend said dhal dia sedap...

RM 23
Same, delicious!

Mi bandung
RM 20
look at their reactions, sedap lah tu ...
But actually it tasted good! Rasa udang dia! Yummms!

Gambar memang cantik2 (wah!) 
thanks photographers la! 
But i bukan photographer k! :p 

Kalau crop syaliza (with green shirt) pun mcm okay eh gambar ni :pp

The gentlemen~ :p

Okay just have a look at these pictures, u can see how ambient and cozy the restaurant is! 
Tapi kitaorang, kecoh ya amat... So malam tu that restaurant less cozy sikit la...
Dengan posing sana posing sini, especially the makcik2 la...pakcik2 control sikit~gahhaha!

And last but not least, group photos with the celebrity chef! :)

Thank u for layan us bergambar & thanks for the good foods! 

Fun time! 


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Sabby Prue said...

the char kuey teow mmg sedap! I wanna try the buttermilk thingy next. hehe

A Girl Like You said...

i pulak nak try the burger nxt time! the patty looks awesome!