Friday, November 9, 2012

Y Generation

Today in my lecture, it a Corporate Accounting lecture actually, nothing to do with this entry, but my lecturer Mr Samuel, suddenly raise about the topic of intern, working in audit firm bla3x and Y generation... Nowadays, working field is flooded by our generation, Y Generation!

Well, based on my research (lah sangat!), Y Generation adalah merujuk kepada perkataan young generation, mereka adalah dilahirkan lebih kurang dari tahun 1982-1995, bermakna mereka yang berusia bawah 30 tahun. Their personality, they dont like to work based on rules; they are family-centric where they willing to trade high pay for flexible schedules; they are achievement oriented where they are confident, seek out new challenge, and has high expectation of their employees; they are also team oriented; and lastly, they craving for attention where they seek frequent praise etc.

In other words, i think, we, as generation Y seeks for freedom
According to my lecturer, audit firms are too strict towards their employees, i agreed! Some of the audit firms, they dont even allowed their employees to get access to internet... what is that supposed to tell?! Well nowadays in a growing technology environment, we cant live without internet connection! and how could employers expect the workers to work non stop and only focus on the paperwork, or anything?! HELLO THERE! 

Digi office in Malaysia... Considered as one of the coolest office in Malaysia...

Employers should give them what they want...

That's what my lecturer mentioned... Where, yes exactly! Employees need to be given what they want so that they will perform their work better... That is a fact actually, this is based on the place i did my internship, less freedom, high turnover! 

If they love facebook, give them facebook! If they love to tweet, give 'em that! 
High five! :p
Dont makes an employee feels like so restricted! Make them feel at home
And totally, they will work better
(My lecturer said, i just rephrase it ;p)

Maybe audit firm should adopt some colors into our society too? 
Colors will cheer the auditors up, and maybe, will reduce the fraud rate? Hehehe!

This is really cool, niceee workplace of google!
But well, we dint ask for much, just some colors, not to build a cave for us, k audit firms? ;)

Nowadays, we need a environment friendly workplace, where we will perform our work best...

Happy workers, higher performance! ;)


Anonymous said...

nice writing...
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pendapat yg kukuh...:)

baiyah said...

i follow..nice writing..
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A Girl Like You said...

Anonymous : Thanks, ANONYMOUS...

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