Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wadihana Islamic Steak House, Bangi

Salam, hi...
I would like to share this another restaurant... Nama restoran ni, dah tertera di atas :p hehe... 
I went there with my family, which consist of 4 person, and therefore there are 4 menus, only! ;p sebab, kitaorang tak kuat makan, jaga badan dan takut badan naik! konon! hehe :p
But actually, this is my first time here, but 2nd time for my family sebab diaorg dah pergi malam sebelumnya, buat i'm not at home... so diaorang kesian bawa i pulak! :p

Western cuisine here, serious, bukan nak propa la, sedap sangat2! It's hard to find very nice delicious western cuisine nowadays... This restaurant which located in Bandar Baru Bangi, served pelbagai makanan barat seperti burger, pizza, chicken, steak, lamb, pastas, soups etc.

We ordered these... :p

Chicken grilled, 
Macarono & Cheese, 
Alfredo, i choose fettucini 
Ox Tail soup which served in a bread...

Papa minum ice lemon tea

I can't remember this, but i think this is soda with lime...

They called this Sweet Honey
Combination of honey dew & lychee, superb!!!

Hot tea, adik demam so minum air panas je... kah2! :p

The price ranging from RM 12 and above... but the taste! No doubt! Just go and try pls... ;)

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