Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alexis, Bangsar

Tea time at Alexis, Bangsar.

I've been mentioning i never eat pavlova in my lifetime. So here we are... I ordered pavlova & iced cappuccino while he ordered hot cappuccino & blueberry cheesecake... 

Pavlova , RM 15.00

Blueberry cheesecake , RM 15.00

Iced Cappuccino , RM 15.00

Hot Cappuccino , RM 12 

(i've rounded all the price, coz i'm not so sure, sorry)

To be honest, i prefer his blueberry cake, and to be honest, again, the cake is real superb! really! 

The pavlova is nice, but it kinda too sweet, but when u eat it together with the berries, it gave u the sweet sour feel, and u feel like, uhhh, it melting in your mouth...

The coffees are just fine :)  nothing more nothing less :) 

The place, is simple, suitable for chilling and chatting and gossiping, i think so :p

And the place is suitable for you, and us, to stop the world for a moment, and share the moment together 

p/s : Sorry i always live in jiwang-ness, hehe~