Friday, June 22, 2012

Current Condition

Been busy!
With what? Work i guess! Now la peak period bagi semua audit-audit firm seperti yang digembar-gemburkan...Paling awal pun balik pukul 6.30pm! ;( Tak suka tau!

So really i dont have much time, for myself... I only have night time to be spend with my family, dinner together, but they're not always here, only few days a week, hmm; and i have a relationship to take care of, to spend time with my love one, hee~; i have problems to think about, i really still do care when people tell me about their problem, of course only applicable to the people i care about; the most importantly, i have tons of workload :( i dont want to go to work, can i? :(

Ok now gotta go to sleep and rest... I'm not feeling well today... Nitez... I just want to have a nice weekend, i want to shop, i want to cook, i want to escape! Till then! ;)

Untuk orang sakit... me... :p

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