Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current Addiction

Well, i don't know why, i'm addicted to these crap lately...

Health and fitness reading material

I don't know why, this is all because of this one twitter account which i followed, i always always read all those tips from there! hihi! So dont be shock if i start to share with you all, these crappy tips of healthy food and all... Well, actually another reason is, i'm getting, hmmm, slightly bigger (slightly ke?!) So now been practicing healthy lifestyle lah konon2 nye kan! 10,000 steps per day(konon2), 6 meals a day in a small portion (small portion orang melayu boleh percaya ka?!) :p


Hari-hari dok post gambar kat instagram, i bajet i tiz zaqyah ke? or liyana jasmay?! semua orang nak tengok ke?!
Memang addicted, instagram has become one of my favourite apps besides twitter, ubersocial (bukan ke sama je dengan twitter?!) & facebook!


Oh hoi! ni lagi satu hal! Hari-hari dekat office, pantang boss tak ada, dok usha resepi, nak masak untuk si dia ni kekonon, nanti baru la hantaran baik punyaaa kalau pandai masak... no package2 wo, satu skill dikira satu harga! :pp eh eh, gurau je la ;p
haaa, i'm so addicted to recipes, from malay cuisines (eceh, cuisine), sampailah britain london korean afghanitan cuisine?! semua resepi i bedal tengok! Semangat sangat! Masak nya tah bila! :p


Everyday i will go to this blogshop, and then this blogshop, next blogshop, and the list goes on... And i started to choose, i wanna buy this one, that one, the blue one, yellow one, red one, white one (color bendera malaysia lah senang cerita :p) ... I'm sooo addicted to dresses and skirts (in blogshops) , *i am still addicted to many2 tops, anyway! * i want to wear them(dresses), sebab nampak lagi sopan (baru lah boleh dapat anugerah wanita melayu terakhir :P), tak ade lah ketat2 sangat, but still elegant and beautiful... Nak jadi girlish girlish girl gitu ye! ;) mampu kah? :pp

Home decoration

There's a reason behind this addiction okay peeps! Actually it not exactly home deco i'm addicted to, but it's more to room deco! Ya know this addiction affect my economy, haha! Everything seems pretty and interesting, from table lamps, photo frames, racks, mirrors, cushions etc...


These are my current addiction, but i never stop being addicted to foods (fuyooo first sekali!), beauty, my favourite celebrities, cutie thingy, my own cellphone, shawls and scarfts, my work (ok yang ni tipu, saje je, sumpah i tipu je tau!) , clothes, blogging, and last but not least, i'm addicted to you, mohammad izzat sharipuddin (awww, sweet tak sweet tak) :p

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