Saturday, March 10, 2012


I need distractions! A lot lot lots of distractions! To forget & actually ignore my feeling, that i'm missing him, my special someone... I don't get it, how some people involves in long-distance relationship ha? Where do he go? in later post yeah, i need to be stable first! :p

p/s : people, sorry if i'm posting too many entries because this is one of the way i distract myself :p My blog is my personal space i'm confortable with! ;(

My distraction gonna be anything girls-related stuffs, like shopping, watch girlish movies in my room, hanging out, spa etc. ;p

That's all i could figure out now! Wait up, more posts coming right up~ I guess u gonna like it? ;) hee~ Thank u for reading and, i need ideas what else activities i could do, girlish please! No cooking k i dont have a stove or oven here! And please suggest me girlish movies!!!!! i need more and more and more! thank u!

Girlish escape please!

p/s : gonna sleep, tata, esok, 20 post bakal menyusul :p
hihi :p


محمد شهريل القنيطري said...

salam kunjungan pertama kali

A Girl Like You said...

terima kasih sudi drop by :)

Wawa Tasliman said...

long distance relationship quite difficult.. sabar menempuhi ok..

A Girl Like You said...

hee... xtau la macam mana... tapi nasib baik i belum long distance r/ship lagi, just few weeks xdapat jumpa ;p
i guess whoever in it are both strong!!!