Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little White Cafe : A Farewell Dinner

Having a great girls night out last night, in Little White Cafe located in Bangi...
This cafe is focused more on interior design, that's explain the designers feelings we had when we were in there! ;)

zaris herfa nadiah fifa tika tira ifah suraya (ikut color baju)

zoom dari bantal yang herfa pegang :p

The place was really nice & cozy, sesuai jugak untuk candle light dinner, aww! *memang ada orang tengah candle lite dinner, kami terkacau pulak! oppsie * :p

nampak tak satu kekosongan space di situ? :p

The foodss...

Carrot cake(Mine) ~ Apple Pie(Tira) ~ Macarons(displayed) ~ Lasagna(Tira & Ifah)

Broccoli soup(Mine) ~ Grilled Chicken Sandwich *i dont know* (Nadiah & Zaris)-something like grilled cheese ~ Grilled Fish*i think* (Suraya) ~ Spaghetti *i don't know what spaghetti* (Herfa)

The foods are okay, not so good, not that bad...
And is kinda overpriced (kata seorang accounting student :p)
Deserts were quite good here!

Masterpiece of the day...♡♥

Edited version ;p *baru nampak macam classic '70s*

I don't know how is everyone's feelings... right there, during that time, but for me, i was sad :((

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