Monday, February 13, 2012

♡♥ Birthday Celebrations ♥♡

Walaupun saya sudah dewasa, but my own birthday is still one of my favourite day throughout the year! ;p
I will be happy, by having people who loves me, remembering my birthday... And make it special! :)


With my beloved love love family

They came all the way just to celebrate my birthday! ehehe, okay fine, alolo manjanyeee ;pp
Tentang birthday cake...
"Kenapa mama xbeli blueberry cheese?"

"kan mama dah beli tahun lepas"...


Lawak jugak mama ni kan! haha!
Okies, tiramisu is one of my favourite okay! Nice & lazat! but, ramai yg xsuka! But it doesn't matter lah, as long as i can eat it... :p
*Nasib baik xjadi beli strawberry marsmallow, adik dah nak beli dah! phew!*

Text ColorBirthday dinner, having steamboat ...
Buffet, kenyang nak pecah perut!

Good morning!

22 years old birthday cake from family tersayang... :)
It tiramisu!

Lunch at my favourite place! :)
My favourite foodsss!

Thank u papa, mama & adik... I love you so much, and i couldn't tell how lucky i am to be your daughter...


With my special

My another birthday cake!
Blueberry cheese! My favourite!

I kinda like it, eventhough the heart shape doesn't seems balance!
It okay, practice make perfect k! ;p
HAHAHA! opps, sorryyyy!

Somewhere nowhere

Thank u sayang for everything... I really appreciate it... :(
*okay, this is cheessy, so dont read if u r 18 and below! :p*
No matter where this journey take us, i will pray hard and work hard...
'Cause my this year birthday wish is "i wanna be with you in my next birthday"; my next birthday wish gonna be, "i wanna be with u in my next birthday"; and my next 2 years wish gonna be "i want a big presents!" eh no, kidding! My wish will still be "i wanna be with u in my next birthday baby"...


With lovely friends!!!

Thank u Zaris, Nadiah, Tira, Tika, Iffah :)

They actually celebrated us together in one shot, hmmm, pandai eh! ;p

The foods sponsored by ifah! :) tq dear!
*tak pernah pulak panggil iffah "dear"*

Nak sangat suap?! haaa! nganga besar2! Sumbat2! :p

The girls!
tira nadiah fifa ifah tika zaris
3 masih available! lelong2!

Thank u sangat3x sebab berbaik hati organize celebration ini, i dengan berbesar hati senang hati sekali! :) thanks girls!

Lovely cards... haha... bukan ape suka2 hati nak post, cuma, i can't resist, comel kot kad2 ni... ;)
Thank u!


To all of you, thank u for all the gifts & your times!!!
To everyone who wished me in facebook, twitter, here, sms, etc... thank u so much!!!


p/s : Sometimes words can't describe everything... I feel hankful, loved, love, lucky, happy...
Alhamdulillah :)


akmadablueberry said...

*kunjungan balas* =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you~

eh you lunch kat mana tu? npk mcm sedap...mana tau i bole try :)

BTW, Nak invite you to come to our shop ^.^ Feel free to visit our shop. We are selling bags below RM 50. This is serious :) Do come

or find us on FB : The Puffy Clouds

A Girl Like You said...

Thank u! :)

Insyaallah nnti i shopping ;)

Mooniqueen said...

Hepy belated birthday dear...bestnye tiramisu...

A Girl Like You said...

thank you :)
Tiramisu is nice! ;)

cikmawar said...

happy belated birthday dear !

A Girl Like You said...

Thank u thank u!!! muahxxx ♥