Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Assalamualaikum *yes i memanggg sopan*... Hello2... Lama x update blog and i'm kinda missing it, like, really, okay!

Hihi, busying with stuffs, and i'm just done with my Taxation midterm this evening, and this time 'round, i think, this is my first time, taking midterm like, quite seriously... haha study and all, oh my myyyy ;) Sweet x iollls study?! Oh and my Securities lecturer, we supposed to have our midterm tomorrow night, but he postponed the paper to next monday, another sweet thought, very considerate... Psttt anyway i skipped his class this morning coz i didnt manage to get up!

And seriously i need a swet escape, HAHA! I need spa sooooo badly~ But ezza said "geng spa kite yg sorang tu kan tgh sakit..." hehehe... ye get well soon ye cik Intan Bhaizura hotlink, wooops! :p haha!

Or why don't lets just watch movie tomorrow? yeah after i study, ecewah, harapan menggunung... ehem2, yes i'm talking to u si j*w* :p jom! :p

Allright lets wrap up this post, i'm gonna update bout my uncle's wedding, soon! the reception was in melaka last weekend and gonna have another reception in segamat, my hometown this weekend (17th December) ! Sila la datang ye... Bawa sampul, nak salam kaut~ :p

Anyway, good luck SRM with MMU Rakan Muda Run event this weekend! Sorry i'm not manage to come! All the best! I know it hard, really, but u guys make it! looking forward the photos of the event! guys, all ur hard work will soon pay off! :)

Till then see ya! nnti nak update bende lain plak! ;)

Gambar masa upacara akad nikah pakcik dekat depan masjid... *tak tau nama masjid tu :p kat melaka lah* cute x? ;p

p/s : Gonna update soon, a lot of things to tell!


SimplySeoul said...

Lovvee when our lecturer postponed midterm or class or anything that can be postponed hehe.

your lover said...

i love u so much...

A Girl Like You said...

@simplyseoul :
Kannn!!! Yerpz me too! Anything regarding study should be postpone! heheh! :p

@my lover :
I love u too 3 4 ;) from the bottom of my heart honey :)