Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday morning!

Not too late for a good morning wish rite! ;)

Hello brand new semester...!!!
First week had past... And 2nd week is coming right up! ;)

Beginning of the semester, of course azam baru disusun rapi kannns! ;p So i have few... ;p

1. to study once a week, at least... Please fifa please, once a week jerrr~ :p
2. print all the notes needed before class...
3. buat notes awal2, bukan masa siap2 nak pegi exam da... ;p

Hopefully it work!

Oh bout my exam's results last semester, all i can say, Alhamdulillah :) cukupppppppp makan! ;p

Breakfast and chilling session after class finish...

Craving for cakes! Headed to SecretRecipe with ezza and nik!

Simples start for the day! :)

p/s : enjoy ur day guys! ;)

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♥End♥ said...

Hye there . Did you get my previous comment ?

A Girl Like You said...

oh yes... :) i replied...