Friday, September 9, 2011

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Since this is my very first time to enter this restaurant, i pun put the name of the restaurant as the title (perlu keee bgtau) =p

This restaurant mainly served seafoods especially shrimp! =) yummy yummy yumm!

We ordered, rice, pasta, bread; drinks : Hot tea (his) & run forest run(Mine)
Btw, do ask them which one is alcoholic and which are not too! just in case!

Run Forest Run
RM 13.90

Lobster Linguini
RM 39.90

Mama's Gump Garlic Bread basket as appetizer
RM 5.90

"I'm stuffed" Shrimp
RM 43.90

I went to the one in the Sunway Pyramid... There is another branch in The Curve...
The foods were really good! I can say that it was awesome!!! YUMM3x!!! The service, also, perfect & unique! i really satisfied! =)

If you guys never been here, there is a sign board on your table, if you turn it to "Stop Forest Stop", the waiters will come and serve you, so if you don't need anything, don't gatal2 tangan buka "Stop Forest Stop", you should just leave the "Run Forest Run" sign! ;)

I kinda in love this restaurant, the deco, the foods, the services, the presentation of the foods! Perfect!

♥ very english fisherman village style!!!!! me lovey!


- ezza - said...

sekarang setiap entry ade je benda nak kena sentap. kahkahkah. sengal nye pipah! ;)))

A Girl Like You said...

tu trademark blog i ezza! hahaha! =p
skrg ni tunggu je di akhir setiap post! =p

- ezza - said...

takleh bla ade trademark! hahahaha. zassss layankan je

A Girl Like You said...

ni da ala2 melody... u nk jd michelle ke? kah2! =pp

ala u ni, tanye la pasal makanan tu ke, ni lain plak! =pp