Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello hello, good morning everyone!
Drinking my chilled juice in front of the lappy feels like "what a beautiful world" i just knew! ;)

I've done with 3 of my papers, now only 2 left and i'm in the need of weapons to face this war, this 2 remaining subjects are super tough no doubt, i promise, i guarantee, it tough!

Wish me luck with the remaining papers! And i wish u good luck to, if u have papers, if not, then take the luck for something else! ;)

Okay should get up and start my day now! Bye! ;) Hope that everybody gonna have a nice weekend! (except me, which will spend it in the library!)

Till then, c ya! gonna update bout lotza things soon! ;)

p/s : I know now, i should live my life, MY LIFE, ignoring what would people think... Because, they started to talk bout me coz oh well i'm famous, and vain, =p otherwise they dont have to! =p n they will stop when they're tired... But my life keep going on, and i will keep holding on! ;)
Morning peeps! =D