Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Assalamualaikum, tup tap tup tap da 10 hari da kita berpuasa... Alhamdulillah...

Current life, out of 5 subjects, 3 subject's midterm da lepas, Internal Auditing, Professional Ethics & Company Law, so tinggal Corporate Accounting & Advanced Management Accounting je (both r killing me)... And now, it assignments season, mmg assignment x putus2, (xputus2 tu sebab start buat lambat, duh!)

I'm worried bout lot of things right now... Worried about myself, my final, my focus, and my decisions... And, i'm worried about my student, he's going to sit for UPSR soon and of course, i aim for an A! I will prepare the best, for him!

I play a lot of roles in my life but some of them are my favourite... I love being a daughter and sister in my family; i love being yours, sayang; i love being a future accountant, auditor or whatsoever; i love being a teacher; i love my those friends that always there for me although we seldom met, i love being a girl, and fyi, i love being me so much...! ;)

But anyway, there's a lot to think of now and it always make my head feels like bursting!

Excitement! I am excited for each and every "tomorrow"! ;)

p/s : Selamat berpuasa & beribadah semua!

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